Friday, January 10, 2014

The roads were made for walking

I am of them who think that anything in life is possible, in all labyrinth there are exit and all sleep is made to met
The difficulties are to deal with them, the evidence to overcome and the obstacles to be overcome.

Although some think this is fanciful or deluded attitude, I believe that life can be better if we see it in a positive way
When you start to climb a mountain, you have not the same drive and determination if you think steep ascent, or obstacles, than if you only focus on the good that is to reach the top. If you forget all the "buts" that you put on the road, the climbing will be more easy and achieve your reward: pure and clean air that is only at the Summit.

That happens in life. When you are considering a target, sometimes, forgetting what it can cost you, in effort, time and money, and concentrate only on its realization is the best way to achieve it.

It is true that there are always difficulties, but your difficulties are limited to external things, those that are beyond our control, and which are never represented by your own fears and insecurities.

Your doubts and fears become stones that you put in your way and not allow you to start or conclude your way until you move away them.
The paths were built to take, and to start only one thing is necessary: dare to take the first step
Dreams are made to met, only to believe that they are possible.

The difficulties and obstacles are to try yourself on your value and your love for what you want
Surrender to difficulties is to surrender to life.

Maybe believing that anything is possible is naive, but the battles are won by those "dreamers" who dared to dream and to believe that they could win them.

Don't you let live with the doubt of the what would have happened if...? and you always live with the certainty of having tried everything you could
You will always have in your life, some lost battles, but never are because you dares not fight them!

Friday, March 1, 2013

How to make Soap It Simple

Sometimes we want to try something that had not been done as to how to make soap without having to buy soap at the store or in the shop. Most of the soap we use is soap-based Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS commonly called. This material is actually cleaning the floor, ... you know why like that? because these SLS materials are cheap. Natural soaps made from natural glycerin is beneficial to the skin becomes moist, the skin does not become dry so you do not need to wear body lotion hand. By using natural soap that your skin will be maintained at all times subtlety.

As for how to make soap are as follows:

The material to make soap this way are as follows:
how to make soap

- The main ingredient of this soap is like Oil Corn Oil, Soybean Oil,
- The water that serves as a catalyst or solvent used to speed up the process and you should use pure water or distilled water were made, and many sellers selling materials and equipment for the chemical. Do not use water carelessly so that the result is perfect.
- Na OH or K OH to the material turns the oil into soap.
- Dyes as complementary and soap to be interesting with beautiful colors.
- Additives such as spices, herbs, corn or starch, which is added at trace
- Oil and Essential Fragnace to provide for air fragrant soap.

While the tools used are as follows:

- Wear a mask that can obstruct material solution of Na OH or K OH smell and into your breathing.
- Glass to avoid lest Na OH or K OH solution on your eyes.
- Wear gloves when making soap so that your hands are not irritating and soap are not contaminated with substances that stick in your hands.
- Water from plastic containers to store water.
- Scales with the smallest scale 1 or 5 grams
- Spoon stainless steel or polypropylene plastic for mixing substances NaOH or KOH and stir.
- Another plastic container for weighing, and can be a place of water and oil.
- Print to print the soap
- Fabric to cover mold
- Blender with lid for mixing the soap ingredients.
How to manufacture:
how to make soap

Prints that you are prepared to give hard not to pull out the oil from the soap mold. You can mold plastic or PVC pipe. You can mold your own liking for such a round or square or other.